Prime Day 2019 – 10 Best Deals on Back to School

Best Deals for Back To School Products for Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is less than a day away, and the buzz is overflowing with confusions about What to buy?, What deals are going on?, Will Amazon have non-tech items on sale? How quickly will my package arrive? And so on. . .

Everyone knows how exciting Prime Day event is for Amazon shoppers, but does everyone know what this day is all about? It is an annual celebration held for Amazon’s birthday, and 2019 brings about 22 AMAZing years of its business. Although tech happens to be a major target when it comes to huge discounts, Amazon also concedes of offering discounts on home decor, school essentials, college utilities and household products! If you are planning to buy something handmade with amazing deals, you are at the right place! We put together a list of some really fun back-to-school journals.

As you know there are many different types of journals that one can keep. Whether you choose to keep all these types or just two, it’s your choice! These also make a perfect gift for friends or family members.

1. Office/ Work Diary

Work diary records down your reflection about your professional life, writing about your goals and experiences. One can also use this journal for taking notes from the meeting and creating memoranda. You get a wooden pen that you can tag along with this leather journal with free bookmark/key chain.

2. Rhino Bookend 

This rhinoceros bookend is hand carved out of soapstone, which is renowned for its durability. This set of 2 Bookends is carved in the shape of a rhino. Its texture has shades and hues of peach with white.

3. Travel Diary 

Traveling is something that commonly leads to a discovery and a new experience for a greater knowledge of things or actions. By writing them down in this cool map themed diary, you will reflect and remember the discoveries that you have made during the trip.

4. The Multitasking Calendar

Here’s a super cool desk accessory that you can proudly showoff at work. Four in one Storage Organizer made of Mango wood. A Daily Calendar which allows you to change the dates through number cubes, monthly cuboids and a small Mustache Trinket Drawer. An Eyeglass Holder with a Stationery Storage stand to keep all your office essentials in place.

5. Creative Slip Pad

A Slip Pad is used for jotting down fleeting ideas and notes. This decorative slip pad comes with hand painted tree of life motif on the surface. Can be used for office or personal use, also makes for an effective gift for your friends and colleagues.

6. Elephant Stationery Organizer 

A perfect solution for arranging your pair of eyeglasses safely at work or home. The best handy set to store one’s stationery items like pens, pencils, markers, ruler, drawing accessories etc. The handcrafted piece has a trunk to make it look like an elephant, a rabbet under it to make it look like a baby elephant. +1 as both the trunk and the rabbet is a storage area!

7. Doodle Journal

A doodle journal can be used in a myriad of ways. If you are an artist, it is a valuable asset for safe keeping your creative ideas and artwork. It becomes your creative book of thoughts and original masterpieces. If someone gets hold of this beautiful diary, we’re not sure what would they compliment more ‘your doodles or this diary!’.

8. Metal Eyeglass Holders 

A quirky spectacle holder isn’t just the perfect place to rest a pair of specs, but also serves as a piece of décor on your desk. When you put your glasses on this Face Sculpted mask, it looks like the character is wearing them on. It also has a trinket dish attached to the base made of Black Marble, thus, making it a useful keepsake for one’s room. Two variants, one in Black color and other in Rose Gold which ever matches your personality.

9. Gratitude Journal

Keeping track of the grateful things in life and positive thoughts cultivate a more optimistic, happier and healthier person. Every time you are thankful, you can write down the things in this notebook that you’re thankful for what happened that day.

10. Metal Storage Basket 

Some of us love organizing every nook and corner. This multi-functional Copper Mesh Basket in Rose Gold is one thing every office desk should possess, so that the love for storing essentials are fulfilled.

Happy Shopping!!

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