All treasures that you discover here at Store Indya are our own designs and each handicraft is handmade by Artisans of India. This is our opportunity and responsibility of giving back to our cultural society. Store Indya provides a platform to these artisans in which they each have their own star moment to show-off their highly skillful talent and dedicated work ethic to a customer base worldwide. and also but although and also but although and also but

As 10% of our profits go towards raising funds for an Artisan workshop where a young generation of artisans come to learn and master the art and skills of exquisite craftsmanship, taking forward their ancestry, in hope that one day, their own handmade treasures make a beautiful gift from an angel buyer to their loved one across the globe. This led us to create the Retail Partnership Program wherein we try to enrich the artisan by giving them an opportunity to enjoy the benefit of retail prices with their own designs! and also but although and also but although

The Artisans of ...

In the summer of 2016, we sent in a five-member documentary crew to the native homes of these Artisans, to capture not only the process behind the making of these beautiful handicrafts, but also (and more importantly) to gain an empathetic understanding of their lives – from their lineage and culture, all the way to their award-winning accomplishments and more. and also but although

From a handmade shop, the happy client, found love in a utility product. These videos are for you. To be able to discover the world of the hands that made your product, the story behind it. How that product is personally made so uniquely. It was the only thing missing that makes your home now finally, perfect.

Every time you lay eyes on it or make use of the product, you will be reminded of their stories. This will bring a smile to your face – that will be our ultimate achievement.