Summer is here, and that reminds us of Back-to-School shopping! Whether you’re starting high school or college in the fall or you’re already gearing up for your senior university year, Store Indya has got you covered. Check out these 12 items on Amazon that will get you so ready – and maybe even a little excited – for a brand-new academic year.

Heading back to school means loading up on the usual essentials, but there are a few supplies you may want to add this year that can add to your productivity all year long. We bet you don’t want to sit and get tired through an unusual list that keeps you lingering. So, to get you kick started, we’ve compiled an easy-peasy list of school-college supplies that will shoot your adrenaline off the roof for the upcoming year.

                   1. For the Hard-Core Studier school college


A planner for your most organized year ever. You’ll want to write everything down in this gorgeous planner. It even includes a free 2-in-1 keychain + leather bookmark! Talk about expanding productivity!

2. For the Artsy Student

61t68m1mcyL.jpg (500×500)

These artsy notebooks are for your doodles, drawing, love notes, creating picture memories and so on. Also ideal for jotting down notes from your study sessions!

3. For the One Who Always Loses Their Stationery  

This super cool desk accessory that you can proudly show-off, features a 4-in-1 Storage Organizer – 1. A Daily Calendar which allows you to change the dates through number cubes, monthly cuboids. 2. A mini-mustache trinket drawer. 3. An Eyeglass Holder for your elusive pair. 4. And a Stationery Storage stand to keep all your school-college-office essentials in place.

4. For the One Who Can’t Get Enough of being a Monica

71Uul1iJP7L._SL1500_.jpg (1200×1500)41r7VrrJOoL.jpg (500×500)

If you can totally resonate with Monica Geller’s clean-freak personality or if a messy desk gives you major anxiety, this wooden rack is just for you! This organizer can serve as a hanging rack for all your daily essentials. Hang in your things as you prepare yourself to hang on to this year!

          5. For the Chess Enthusiast school college

school-college-spectacle-holder61eYnjeqO7L._SL1500_.jpg (1500×1200)

Styling a very convenient pocket-sized chess themed eyeglass holder, this 2-pack King and Queen can be tactically used to mark your desk territory with sunglasses on one and spectacles on another!

6. For someone who opts for all things cute school college


This rhinoceros bookend is hand carved out of natural soapstone, which is renowned for its durability. This set of 2 Bookends is carved in the shape of a rhino and is ideal for your new year books and novels to keep in place.

         7. For the one who is always up for brainstorming school 


Have you ever been in the situation where you are overwhelmed with projects that you cannot get your thoughts straight? Although this Slip Pad is used for jotting down fleeting ideas and notes, they’re a great way to brainstorm and visualize ideas.

                        8. For the one with the adventurous soul school college


Take a break from college and explore new routes of experience after every fall and spring semester to de-stress your academic years ahead. By writing these experiences down in this cool burnt map themed diary, you will reflect and remember the discoveries that you have made during the trip.

                9. For the kind soul – animal lover school college

71uMAozfTrL._SL1500_.jpg (1500×1447)

A perfect solution for keeping your glasses when not in use. Also, a handy set to store stationery items. This 5-in-1 handcrafted piece has a trunk to make it look like an elephant, a rabbet under it to make it look like a baby elephant. +1 as both the trunk and the rabbet is a storage area! Thus, a combination of both creativity and utility is enough to start this year!

        10. For the one who is always in awe of disguises college school

A fun eyeglass holder isn’t just the perfect place to rest a pair of specs, but also serve as a piece of décor on your study table. And to your surprise, it is a multi-utility as it has a trinket dish attached to the base made of black marble.

                       11. For the busy yet lazy one college school

61Q3LqoARoL.jpg (500×500)

For those who like plenty of space to organize their day, this stylish leather diary is the answer. Also, if you hate carrying a separate stationery case for a couple of pens, this journal that comes with a quirky wooden pen has got your back!

12. For the one who believes organizing is breathing! College

Being organized is not just a term, but it is an act. If misplacing your stuff can make your teeth itch, this metal mesh basket is so for you! Store your stationery, study materials or brain food snacks to keep them handy.

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