Top 10 Quirky Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

She is the one who brought you into this world! Someone who holds her children in her arms for a little while, but in her hearts forever. So, this is your chance to show her how much she matters to you. This Mother’s day let’s spoil our mommies with sweet surprises and lavish her with all the love that she deserves!

If you are planning to gift her something handmade or handcrafted also this year, you’re at the right place! We have a wide variety of handmade gifts for our New moms, Moms-to-be, Working moms, Traveler moms, Blogger moms, Best friend moms, Nanny moms, et al.

1. Rose Gold Spectacle + Trinket Holder

Don’t choose an ordinary present for a woman so extraordinary. Our store offers the best Mother’s Day gifts to help make this year’s celebration better than ever. Shop for one of our best selling spectacle holders like this one made of Metal in elegant rose gold color that has a multi functional trinket dish attached to the base made of black marble and wood on the outside. Perfect for your mom’s work desk or nightstand so that she will have all her little essentials handy always.

Here’s the link to buy this product from our online store to show your Mom just how much you care.


2. Tea Storage Chess

We all know how obsessed Grannies are about Tea Boxes! This Mother’s Day along with your mom, shower your grandma with some love as well; cherish her presence and support by surprising her with this Tea Box Caddy. This carton-shaped wooden box comes with a dark walnut finish and a floral design on its surface. This box with 6 partitions has an independent lid which can to be used as a multiple utility storage as well!

Here’s the link to buy this product from our online store and also find other varieties of them!

3. Heart Pendant

It’s hard to find a better Mother’s Day gift than a beautiful piece of jewelry. This elegant heart shaped pendant is handcrafted from a natural healing gemstone called ‘rose quartz’. It comes with a gold plated 24 inch brass chain. Adding a personal touch to your Mother’s Day gift will mean that the jewelry you gift your mom will be cherished for years.

Here’s the link to buy this product from our online store as you can never go wrong with jewelry for moms.


4. Travel Map Journal with Rope

Our personal organizer gifts include Leather Journals, Travel Diaries and Hardbound Notebooks. Check out our world map Diary with authentic leather piped borders and a complimentary two in one leather key chain/bookmark! This is a perfect journal for your wanderlust Mom.

Here’s the link to buy this product from our online store and every time she sits down to write or doodle she’ll be reminded of her special Mother’s Day gift.


5. Genuine Leather Journal + Neem Pen

Check out another variant of our personal Journals that is made from genuine leather and comes with a Wooden Pen and has the look and feel of a pencil along with a complimentary two in one leather keychain/bookmark! This is a perfect journal for your mom who has a fad for writing and is always looking for a pen!

Here’s the link to buy this product from our online store and make your shopping endeavor worth it for you and your mom to feel the Motherly love.


6. Bird in Metal Candle Holder

Spirituality runs deep within every mother’s heart. After all, she starts each day with a prayer to keep her children healthy, safe and sound. Burn an incense stick/cone during times of meditation and prayer or to help cleanse and clear the air of negative energy. Our Handmade Metal Incense Holder with leaf shaped cutouts that tapers towards the top with a beautiful bird shaped carving can be a perfect gift for your Mom! And much to your surprise, you also get complimentary aromatic incense sticks along with the holder that holds up to 6 incense sticks, an incense cone and a candle!

Here’s the link to buy this product from our online store as inner peace and solitude is a healthy lifestyle in addition to her spiritual side!


7. Set of 6 Rosewood Coasters

Looking for a classy Set of Coasters to complete your mom’s dining décor set?

Why not go for a set of Wooden Coasters with a Stand? A stack of thick, rosewood quality with brass metal corner that gives it an elegant touch would be the perfect addition to a homemade mother’s day breakfast, and they also make a sweet keepsake for mom!

Here’s the link to buy this product from our online store so that she gets to use them for her chilled wine glasses!


8. Hand Painted Floral Octagonal Box

Not only diamonds, all kinds of jewelry are a woman’s bff! If your Mom loves wearing them, we’re sure that she goes through a great deal of work to store them safely, not lose them and keep them always handy! This floral jewelry box that is partitioned into four sections does exactly that and is the perfect solution to solve all her troubles.

Here’s the link to buy this product from our online store to surprise her with a stunning, unique jewelry box that will always remind her of your love!

Love the print? Here’s another one with a twist! Printed Coaster Set

9. Nautical Set MOP & Black Resin

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a thoughtful, and more importantly, a super useful gift? Not everyone would suggest gifting a Magnifier to a Mother. But this Nautical set comes with a handmade French print storage Gift Box and mommies love boxes! This beautiful Book Box consists of a Handheld Magnifying Glass which she can use for knitting or reading minor details in her everyday life and a matching Letter Opener.

Here’s the link to buy this product from our online store to make the most of Sherlock experience for your Mommy!


10. Copper Mesh Basket

Moms love organizing every nook and corner of the home. Pamper her by gifting a storage basket that will help transform her bathroom or dressing table area into an organized one. We’re sure she’ll appreciate this multi-functional Copper Mesh Basket in Rose Gold, so that her love for storing makeup brushes or bathroom products will be fulfilled.

Here’s the link to buy this from our online store to and also find other varieties of them!

Celebrate this Mother’s Day like no other! A little bit of style, some emotion and lots of gifts are enough to make your mother fall in love with you even more!

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