Ideal Home Decor Gifts for the ‘Mom & Me’ duo!

Let’s make it match this Mother’s Day! We not only have a gift for the Moms but for you too! We have got these Exclusive handmade twin products at our store for both our Mommies and her beloved child! These home décor products can be used to decorate your rooms. So, these are super useful & thoughtful One for Mommy, One for You Gifts!

1. Cat Eyeglass Holder

This one super cute Spectacle Holder is one of our personal favorites! The Cat theme makes it cool, especially when placed together. Show your mom how close your bond is with her, just like these adorable kitties are! This sure is a wooden display stand with a purpose.

It’s perfect for Moms who never recall where their eyeglass was kept the last time she used them. It can also be used for keeping that extra pair of readers close to her desk. We can’t think of a better gift, if both you & your mom are cat lovers!

2. Nose Shaped Spectacle Holders

Here’s another twin product with slight variations that make them unique & elegant. These are our beautiful nose shaped spectacle holders, one with floral designs hand painted by our talented artisans whereas the other one has a sleek black color with a foliage design printed on its stand which enhances its decorative look. Gives an eye-catching appeal to you & your mom’s desk! Also, it would be a tough time choosing which one you would want to keep for yourself and gift the other one to your mom as both of them are equally pretty!

3. Metal Wire Mesh Spectacle Holders

A fun spectacle holder isn’t just the perfect place to rest a pair of specs, but also serve as a piece of décor on a desk or in the home. When you put your glasses on this Face Sculpted mask, it looks like the face character is wearing them on. And to your surprise, it is a multi utility as it has a trinket dish attached to the base made of Black Marble, thus, making it a useful keepsake for you and your mum’s room! Two variants, one in Black color and other in Rose Gold to match your gift with her!

4. House Shaped Incense Holders

Incense burner or perfume burner can be used for home decor, religious use, meditation, yoga. If this is something your mom and you are fond of, just go for it as we have similar twin products with a slight variation in it. It is totally safe to use and saves children from burns. It is fitted with a separate ash collector that keeps the puja house, room and office place clean. Perfect for her meditation altar or anywhere she wants to spread good vibes!

To buy, visit: House 1, House 2

These unique hand sculpted incense burners are made out of wood that releases the smoke through the top of the house’s chimney, again making it absolutely creative.

5. Metal Incense Holders

Are wooden incense stands not your thing? No worries, we have elegant Metal Incense towers in store just for your unique choices! Encourage emotional release; stimulate creativity with calming aromas for you and your mother. For moms who love indulging in aromatherapies, this is a perfect incense holder that has a bird on top of the conical tower with leaf shaped carving on the body to help release smoke out of it. Another design is a similar variation of this product that has a hand carved lily flower on top with beautiful cutouts on the conical body of the tower, again to emit smoke out and make the environment positive with incense fragrance.

6. Mother & Baby Elephant Multi Utility Stand

This is a super multi-functional stand for your mom’s desk and how? A perfect solution for keeping her pair of eyeglasses safely either at work or at home. The best handy set to store one’s stationery items like pens, pencils, markers, ruler, drawing accessories etc. The handcrafted piece has a trunk to make it look like an elephant, a rabbet under it to make it look like a baby elephant. +1 as both the trunk and the rabbet is a storage area! Thus, a combination of both creativity and utility is enough to impress mom.

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