The Guide to Gift Jewelry to Mom : Mother’s Day Special

Fine jewelry is very sentimental and as special as your bond with Mom. From precious Monogram Pendants to Birthstone Lockets, she loves it all! By selecting a pendant that matches mom’s style, is something she can wear close to her heart. This means you’re giving her a gift that she’ll cherish forever!

Fine jewelry is one of the most durable and lasting gifts you can give. Minimalist jewelry is the one that she can wear with almost any outfit. Check out all of the options available at our online store for this Mother’s Day.

Tree of Life Pendants:

The tree of life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. Thus, as a symbol of growth and strength surprise your mom with the meaningful ‘Tree of Life’ pendant and remind her of how strong she is and continues to be!

Monogram Pendants:

You can never go wrong with a monogrammed piece. Give Mom her own initial or one of yours. It can prove to be a timeless keepsake and a wonderful gift for her. She’ll think of you every time she wears it.

Celestial Pendants:

Our Moon Shaped Pendant is designed for those who love celestial fashion. We assure you, this piece will always be appreciated. Tell your Mama that you love her to the moon and back with this Exclusive Celestial Pendant.

Birthstone Pendants:

Birthstones are a big yes as they are believed to bring health, wealth and good luck to their wearer. Here’s a list of different Birthstones according to the Birthday Months.

  1. Garnet (January): symbolizes health, wealth, awareness and safety.

  2. Amethyst (February): speaks of courage, stability and peace.

  3. Aquamarine (March): conjures strength, health and centeredness, also signifies endurance.

  4. Diamond (April): symbolizes eternal love courage and invincibility.

  5. Pearl (June): signifies modesty and friendship, purity and innocence.

  6. Ruby (July): Commands attention and screams passion, love and success.

  7. Peridot (August): Stands as a symbol of good fortune, growth, love and is said to stave off evil.

  8. Sapphire (September): brings about wisdom and conjure truth and commitment.

  9. Citrine (November): is the hallmark of hope, health, strength, faithfulness and cheer.

  10. Blue topaz (December): magnifier of spiritual and mental energies, inspires creativity and encourage a calm and focused mind.

Cross Pendant:

For aesthetic /spiritual moms Cross Pendants are the best gifts. Give her a cross necklace where the chain is Sterling silver and the cross is encrusted with diamonds. Mom won’t be able to stop raving about this pendant. You can show her how she’s been your guiding light in life.

Floral Pendant:

Flowers define beauty! And with a Floral Pendant you can make mom realize how beautiful she is inside out. They’re cute, stylish and the perfect way to add some personality to your Mom’s outfit. These are a perfect style statement. Rose gold adds a bit of edge while the simple floral design goes with any outfit.

Rose Quartz Pendant:

Be it an expensive gift or a cheap present, moms appreciate every effort you take for her. If fine jewelry is over budget for you, here’s an elegant pendant for your Mom within your budget. This heart shaped pendant is lightweight, making it great for everyday wear. Show Mom how much you love her with a simple Rose Quartz Heart pendant.

No matter which pendant or necklace you decide on, know that a thoughtful gift from the heart is what matters the most. Explore our range of beautiful pendants (all with a sterling silver chain). Find the perfect gift that suits her unique style and personality from our delicately hand-finished jewelry.

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