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It’s that time of the year when you want to shower your Dad with Gifts. This Father’s Day think out of the box as its time to get rid of yet another wrist watch as he owns an ample of them now! Whether he’s the type of dad who has everything or the type who doesn’t want anything, you’re sure to find the perfect hand crafted gift for him right here.

We have rounded up the best unusual gifts for Dad!

1. Fun Wooden Games

Let’s be honest, dad’s have a tough time. Maybe not quite as tough as mum, but it’s definitely up there. Long hours at the office, bosses that suck out your soul. Here’s an idea for chilling out, and regaining some sanity to your dad.

> Backgammon

Dads are a guideline, a great teacher and a huge inspiration. Playing Backgammon with Dad would be so much fun. The level of detail on the Backgammon wood inlay speaks of its superior craftsmanship. This game also has the storage space that needs the dice and coins to be stored. Thus, qualifies to be one of the best Father’s Day gift.

> Chess

People throughout the world love Chess. We have a Chess Set designed out of rose wood; perfect for your dad’s relaxing time. This beautifully made 7 Inch magnetic chess set is one of our hottest selling items and a perfect gift. The magnetic field holds the chess pieces tightly and never let them fall while in traveling or playing. So, go checkmate him with this super fun gift!

> Cribbage

Let Daddy take a break from his smartphone and tv screen by playing some Cribbage game with family or friends as it’s a great way to unwind and relax while on vacation. This is a live edge wooden Cribbage board available for 2-3 players. The board is 13” long with varying widths which also features two packs of plastic coated playing cards inside the box.

2. Handy Leather Journals

From Doodle freak dads to the ones who love writing or dads who believe in personal diaries, our cool personal organizers are designed just for them! Whether its a ‘Tree of Life’ embossed leather notebook which is one of our best-selling diaries for the sketchers, a black leather notebook with a wooden pen to tag along for the traveller dads, a map diary for the dreamers or leather notebook with key closure for the secret keepers. Plus there’s a free keychain cum bookmark with all these diaries! He’ll appreciate your efforts and we’re sure to impress your dad with your thoughtful and useful gifts.


3. Playing Card Box with its Own Free Decks 

A Wooden playing card holder that holds up to 2 decks of card is all your daddy needs. This classic design card guard protects the playing cards to keep them in mint condition and helps prevent cards from spilling, bending and tearing. This beautiful box is big enough to store vintage cards, collectible cards, poker cards, trading card, magic cards, tarot card and many more.


4. Quirky Eyeglass Holders for the Elusive Pair

For dads who wear eyeglasses all the time or just while reading, but misplace them every time, deserve a spec holder right on their desk. We have a wide collection of handcrafted spectacle holders in our online store, and we have shortlisted these specially for Dads. Nose shaped hand painted Aztec art, has a sleek black colour with a foliage design printed on its stand, which enhances its decorative look. A Mustache nose display stand that looks like a manly face when you place spec on it. On the other hand we have a Black Metal Wired Mesh that looks like a face mask prop, includes a decent sized trinket dish made of black marble and wood on the outside.

5. Breathable Textile for a Healthy Lifestyle!

Let’s motivate our dads to be fit again! You can always gift him yoga mats or gym wears that will help him start a fitness regime. This will show how much you care for his health and want to see him sturdy and fit.

6. Life Saving Coasters 

Dad’s beer, coffee or tea can go here! With these different range of coasters, let dad know how you feel about him when he reaches for his cuppa in the morning. Shower him with gifts that indicate all those reasons why your Dad is so important to you!

    Jute Coasters                            |                  Stone Coasters                  |               Fan Shaped Coasters

7. Multi-Purpose Holder 

These beautiful trinket dishes are our first choice when it comes to small office organizers. Be it your dad’s office rubber bands, paperclips or push pins we make sure to keep them in place. Mustache trinkets are for dads who are obsessed of their stache. Gold fish trinkets to neatly organize small items and knick knacks that are scattered around.


8. Practical Storage Organizers

Even men love organized! These expertly hand crafted from high-quality metal wire and copper plating, this storage block is the home or office essential he’ll actually put to use. Also, the affordable price point is easy to love, too. We have got two variations and colors of the same in our online store.

9. Office Desk Organizers

These hand-carved wooden organizers, which looks right at home atop a desk or nightstand, has a shelf for his glasses, plus storage drawers and a monthly calendar made of Mango wood. Have a look at both these quirky and useful Desk Utility.

10. Storage Utility Boxes

If your dad travels quite a lot, get these funky organizers for him outfitted with slots so that he can use as a grooming kit. We have set of two mustache boxes that look more like tiny treasure trunks OR a rectangular car pattern carved on it. With all of his supplies in one convenient spot, Dad can spend more time enjoying his trip and less time searching for his lost razor!


We hope, here you’ll find gifts for every kind of dad, at every price point! Happy Shopping!

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