Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Trendy Mustache Gifts!

If anyone deserves a perfect gift, its Dad! Your dad was never afraid to get his hands dirty for you, so pay him back with something straight from the heart for Father’s Day 2019.

How about Gifts that honor Daddy’s pride? HIS ‘STACHE! You’re sure to find some useful and cool Mustachio presents from our list below.

1. The Multitasking Calendar

Surprise him with one of our super cool desk accessories that he can proudly display while at work. Four in one Storage Organizer that he can flaunt on his office desk made of Mango wood. A Daily Calendar which allows you to change the dates through number cubes, monthly cuboids and a small Mustache Trinket Drawer. An Eyeglass Holder with a Stationery Storage stand to keep all his office essentials in place.

2. The Mustachio Personal Storage

Show grandpa just how much he’s loved and appreciated with these unique keepsakes that he has always been fond of. He will just adore this trendy hand carved and painted mustache and cap motif Set of 2 storage boxes. He’ll love organizing his personal grooming kit and tools into these boxes.

3. The Get-At-Able All Rounder

We make it effortless to add a personal touch to any gift so you can show your Dad & Grandfather just how much you care. This multi-purpose gift is first and foremost a very classy handlebar mustache that is made in metal and finished in brass plating. It is ideal for his office desk to hoard his board pins, paper clips and other such handy stationeries or is completely food-safe to use as a nut bowl with his evening drink. It comes in dapper packaging for your limited edition Dad or Grandad.


4. The Deceitful Nightstand Utility

This two-faced desk utility is a multiple eyeglass holder, which holds space for your Dad’s reading glasses as well as his sunglasses. It also serves as a holder for pens, pencils and other stationery that is always a hand’s distance from him. This beard and mustache organizer makes the perfect Father’s Day Gift whether he likes it this way or that way relying on his mood for the day!

5. Mustache Greeting Card

Sometimes, a store-bought gift just doesn’t send the perfect message for Father’s Day. Instead you can just make your own Father’s Day greeting card with a mustache theme to make it look manly & unique. Dad will love getting a stash handmade present made with love by his family.

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6. Mustache Bookmark

It doesn’t get any funkier than a mustache shaped bookmark for Dad. Dads who love spending most of their time reading books would appreciate your efforts of crafting bookmarks. You can simply add a pun on the bookmark that says, ‘I mustache you to read’.

Ideas @ Pinterest.com

7. DIY Mustache Wax

Dads deserve as much grooming on their mustaches as other young men do. Why not take out some time and take care of his facial hair that can help improve his beard quality, smells amazing and styles his beard?

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8. Mustache Cookie

Does your Daddy have a sweet tooth and loves handmade gifts especially the ones made with love by family? Mustache shaped cookie is the best thought! We’re sure to impress dad by them when he knows these cookies are baked by you especially when you step in the kitchen quite rarely. He appreciates all efforts taken for him.

Ideas @ Pinterest.com

9. Mustache Mug

Dress up a boring porcelain mug with a cheeky mustache that brings some character to his morning. All you need is a plain coffee mug, a porcelain paint and a paintbrush. Here’s a super fun step by step DIY link to design one for your Dad.

Ideas @ Pinterest.com

10. Customize a t-shirt

Bring some change to his plain boring t-shirts and customize them into a fun mustache pun t- shirt! All you need is his light colored tee and black colored fabric paint. Prepare a mustache stencil from a piece of paper and paint the t-shirt with its help! Thus, your effortless Father’s Day gift is here!

Ideas @ Pinterest.com


This Father’s Day, Stash your presents here, whether you prefer Moustache or Mustache!

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