Creative at heart, my partner and the Co-Founder, Raagii brought her design & innovative sensibilities to these art forms by adding a strong utility perspective. She combined products, material, form, and art to give these crafts a new direction and a hitherto decorative piece a new meaning. These individual handmade pieces hope to stand out in a world of mass-produced products and in the era of following a relevance of “trends”.

The artisans that we work with are a handful of hard working individuals that are trying to continue the dying legacy of their artwork. Each artwork handcrafted by them is an end product of hours and hours of attention to detail and hard work. Store Indya wants to revive these art forms, reinvigorate the products with new form & design and at the same time empower these skilled artists by introducing them to new frontiers of the world.

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Store Indya was something that was created as a result of many family trips we took across India. Encouraged by an artistic mother to appreciate the different art forms which we saw across India, led to a collection of handicraft “mementos” sitting in every corner of the house with dignified silence. Today these mementos serve as memory bank to remind us of the days we traveled together as a family, of having fun, of discovering new places, lakeside picnics, of shopping and of childhood.

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